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Covid, The Looting, Natural Disasters, Load Shedding, Water Shedding, Petrol Increases and list goes on.
It has been absolutely challenging for business owners to navigate these storms.

If you have landed on this page for affordable gifts congratulations you made it.
We would love to help you.

Step 1
Set up a meeting with us for an Ideas Mastermind Session.
This consult has really helped so many of our clients.

Your approach to marketing should be looked at from every angle.
Through zooming into your short term goals and keeping our eye on your long term goals,
we create beautiful, sustainable solutions for your business.

Step 2
Through this session they gain so much clarity as to what they want to achieve and
we strategically provide them with gifting helps them achieve their goals and are inline
with their companies values and culture.

Contact us today to take the next step, email
Our consultancy sessions are charged on an hourly rate.


How long does a TV commercial last – 30 seconds?
What about a newspaper or magazine ad – five seconds?
Even when you compare this to writing instruments, which are kept the least amount of time at six months.
This is not rocket science, people love promotional gifts :)


Even though we’re in the midst of the internet age with everybody glued to their screens,
consumers are nearly 2.5 times more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products
compared to online advertising.

Furthermore, consumers under 55 prefer promo products over all other mediums for advertising, including newspapers, radio, magazines, television, internet and mobile.

There’s a higher likelihood consumers will do business with a company if they receive a promotional product. After all, 85% of worldwide consumers remember the advertiser that gave them branded apparel.

“I can’t think of another advertising medium that reinforces branding like a promo product,”

“Every time someone uses a branded travel mug or looks at a calendar, that brand is making an impression on them. If it takes about 10 interactions with a brand to make an impression."

Items that deliver a large number of impressions are headwear, T-shirts and writing instruments.




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